Have a Happy Hogmanay – courtesy of the loft!


No-one does New Year’s Eve quite like the Scots so, in homage to our Northerly neighbours, we’ve got a host of fabulous Scottish real ales in stock to help get your Hogmanay celebrations off to a flying start!

From the Isles of Skye…

Skye Ardmore beast (7% ABV)

The result of a collaboration between the Isle of Skye Brewing Co. and the Ardmore Distillery, the Ardmore Beast is the stuff legends are made of. Based on Skye’s Cullen Beast ale, which is then matured in whisky casks for a full two months, the brew takes on the peat smoked malt qualities that characterise Ardmore whiskies in both nose and palate. £3.20 a bottle.

Skye black (4.5% ABV)

A combination of dark, roasted barley with sweet, rolled oatmeal – plus a dash of pure Scottish heather honey – lends a unique malty yet sweet balance to this dark beauty. £2.65 a bottle.

From The Williams Bros. Brewery in Alloa…

Alba (7.5% ABV)

A ‘triple’ style ale brewed to a traditional Highland recipe using Scots Pine and Spruce sprigs mean that earthy, pine flavours infuse this rich, tawny brew. £1.95 a bottle.

Roisin (4.2% ABV)

This light, crisp blond ale is brewed with Tayberries – the result, a champagne pink brew with sweet hop & berry aromas which also carry through to the taste, with a satisfyingly tart finish. £2.20 a bottle.

Williams’ Ginger (3.8% ABV)

A traditional style ginger beer strictly for the grown-ups, this has distinctly ‘beery’ taste without the bitterness of hops. A real midwinter warmer! £2.10 a bottle.

Ebulum (6.5% ABV)

Honouring the ancient Celtic tradition of Elderberry Ales that was introduced by Welsh druids in the 9th century, this dark, rich, fruity beer with a strong single hop aroma and satisfying bitter conclusion is based on a 16th Century recipe from the Scottish Highlands. £1.89 a bottle.

Grozet (5% ABV)

Hailed by Shakespeare as “the most convivial of ales”, Grozet is a light golden brew, cold stored with gooseberries to deliver a sharp refreshing drinking experience. Bag a bottle and see why it remains the Scottish hipsters’ ale of choice! £2.35 a bottle.

From The Orkney Islands…

Dark Island Reserve (10% ABV) 

With an impressive ratemybeer overall score of 99% this strong and full ale from Sinclair Breweries is matured in Whisky casks for 3 months; the result a fruity, spiced, oak-roasted malt flavour.  Limited edition; available in 75cl bottle for £18.50.

These hand-picked ales – alongside the cracking sparkling wines, Champagne and Proseccos we’ve got available – should ensure you see in 2015 in fine style, so why not pop in for a browse and a chat while you make your selection? And with Burn’s Night not far off on Sunday, 25th January 2015 why not pick up a couple of extra bottles to enjoy with your haggis, neeps and tatties?

The Wolseley Wine Loft, located on the A51 between Rugeley and Stafford, will be open between between 12 noon – 4.30pm on New Year’s Eve – for more details and ‘normal’ shop opening times, click here.

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