There’s more to ‘the loft’ than great wines…


If you’ve already paid a visit to the Wolseley Wine Loft you’ll be aware that it hosts a range of over 200 great wines from around the globe. But you may not realise that ‘the loft’ is now expanding on the range of locally brewed beers it offers and introducing some continental beers.  Proprietor, Brenda Rhodes, says:

“We’ve found that our beer selection is almost as popular as the wines we stock and, while we’re keen to continue supporting Staffordshire breweries by stocking local beers, we’re spreading the net further to include some continental brews. Over the past month we’ve introduced some great continental beers to the shelves – including Brugge Zot, Brugge Zot Dubbel and Blanche de Bruxelles – and found them really popular.

“Beer lovers really seem to like the variety and trying something a bit different, so we’re looking to expand the range of continental beers and stock seasonal specials alongside some firm favourites, so that there will always be something new to try.”

Over the past couple of weeks, ‘The Loft’ has taken delivery of beers from rare Belgian craft brewers including a De Ryck triple from East Flanders, a Millevertus and a Troubadour Blond from Gent.  There is also a limited quantity of Saison Caseau elderflower beer – brewed seasonally in Belgium as elderflower blooms for just 3 weeks between mid-May and mid-June – so when it’s gone, it’s gone (until next year!), with more continental beers set to be added to the range every month.

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